Transylvania 2: the Crimson Crown

Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Polarware Graphical IF Multimedia novel

Straightforward but enjoyable graphic adventure

This is the second part of a fairly obscure trilogy of graphic adventure games, similar in style to the likes of Guild of Thieves or the King's Quest series, and for fans of this type of game, this is actually worth investigating. Although this is a sequel, it's not entirely necessary to play the first game but the original Transylvania is worth checking out too, as it is also pretty good and features some of the same characters on display here. Following your rescue of the Princess Sabrina in the previous game, you now find yourself being aided by her as you seek to defeat a magical vampire who has aspirations on ruling the country. After the death of King John, his crown disappears but the evil Lord Drakul seeks to control its power so that he might become king himself. Accompanying Sabrina and the player on their journey is Prince Erik, and you must make careful use of their skills to save the kingdom. Sabrina is now a magician, while Erik has the ability to use items associated with the Royal Family. Although the story is no classic, it is certainly engaging enough and will keep players entertained as they explore the land, solving puzzles and interacting with the various colourful characters in traditional adventure fashion. The puzzles on display here are quite fun and although not overly challenging, are entertaining enough. Visually, although the game is dated and fairly basic, it retains a strong sense of atmosphere, with some creepy environments which are pleasing in their variety. Perhaps not one for hardened graphic adventure fans, this nevertheless remains an enjoyable little romp.

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