Banyon Wars

Strategy 1990 Dos William Soleau Empire management War

Neat slice of strategy fun

Another release from the one-man-band that is Soleau Software, home of classics like Antrun and Bolo Adventures, Banyon Wars is a typically impressive take on the Risk formula that makes for an entertaining time if you're in the mood for some light armchair strategising. It plays out in similar fashion to the aforementioned classic, although instead of seeking to control the world, players fight over a series of cities and islands. The goal remains the same however and players must make cunning use their military might to invade neighbouring cities and oust their opponents, with difficult decisions to be made over the correct amount of force to use in order to achieve victory. There are some intriguing random elements which are also included and which help to keep players on their toes, such as floods, earthquakes and revolutions. The game has a variety of difficulty levels when played against the computer but in order to get the most out of it, it is recommended to play against human opponents as not only is the challenge likely to be higher but so also is the satisfaction which comes from executing a particularly cunning attack. Banyon Wars is certainly not the most complicated game in the world, nor the most visually impressive, being restricted to a simple map, but it's this accessibility which makes it so appealing. The rules are simple enough to pick up in a matter of minutes but provide a decent amount of depth to keep you playing so if you are after a board game-style experience for a west Sunday afternoon, then this is worth a look.

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