Wizard Crown

RPG 1985 Dos Dosbox SSI Top down Fantasy

For all Rpg game lovers

This RPG game is a very old one but is real gold from the developer SSI which has made many games in this genre. The developer with this game has focused on bringing a large world of games to the gameplay and has added some very vast details and options so that you get a lot in terms of variety. SSI with its solid background in RPG games has always been good in formulating good graphics for their games and they have kept their trend in this one as the graphics in the game are very good and attractive. The level designs are hugely detailed, vast unique and distinctive and despite the lack of technology, they managed not to make it a repetitive designed game. It's surely for veteran RPG game lovers but does not give you much in terms of the music. The other thing which I liked about this game is the fact that it is still running good on some of the modern computers and some tweaks and adjustments can be made in terms of the picture resolution on some powerful computers. I loved playing it both on my keyboard as well as on the joystick. Play it along with Escape from Hell and enjoy both these lovely games.

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