Worlds of Ultima: the Savage Empire

RPG 1990 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Top down Fantasy Role playing Adventure

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Non cannon Ultima RPG game

The Worlds of Ultima: the Savage Empire is an RPG which presents a different type of game from those that fans of the classical Ultima games coming directly from Lord British would expect. The game still plays as the regular top down RPGs but the story is only hinting at the Ultima Universe as it is known from the cannon. Nevertheless, this title is not half bad, featuring a more battle inclined philosophy. So, you could think of it more as a combination of adventure elements with action oriented RPG mechanics. Which can be quite rewarding, were it not for lesser quality of this title, compared to, say Ultima 7 or 8. At any rate, if you loved the lore of the originals and would not mind a game that feels like these ones but doesn't quite go there all the way, it might deliver a good few hours of play. Otherwise, you might be better off by trying the, let's call them that, real Ultima games, from Akalabeth to the 8th title. Avoid the 9th game though, that one was a failed experiment in first person RPG gaming.

Well worth a download

A gripping game that allows you to take as much or as little time as you like. Unlike many other RPGs, WoU requires the player to use their mind as much as, if not more than their weapon. It also rewards self-sufficiency (players can bake pots, weave bandages, carve up dead animals for meat and harvest plants). The only problem I had is the "Out of Range!" message, which usually appears when you try to do a key action somewhere (you don't wanna know how far I had to travel before the game let me build a grenade!), but all in all, well worth a download!

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