Philip José Farmer's Riverworld

Strategy 1998 Windows Cryo Interactive Real time Science Fiction

Farmer turned strategist,, thats some premise!

It seems that this game's premise is based on some historical uprising that took place in Spain during its Middle Ages period, but, at any rate, the way the game translates it into a simple RTS, I doubt that the history lesson will dawn on anyone. But, at any rate, you can very well play it as you would do with any other strategy game, by simply focusing on the activity that needs be tended to at the moment. Your control is very down to earth, unit based, as this is not your large scale wargame, but a real time strategy that asks you to build a base, to amass an army and to secure your land as much as you can. The game looks a bit too dated, maybe because the developers were on a very tight budget (the budget game feel will stay with you most of the game, as it crawls into every aspect from the selection reticules to the low key design of the interface) or maybe because the developers were careless. At any rate, I can't say that I felt compelled to keep playing, and I don't think you would either. Reason why I'd advise you to try Medieval Total War if you're looking for a medieval placed and themed RTS with a turn based strategic portion. Yes, it's a classic, but it's one that can always be surprising and it's really well made on all levels.

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