Pinball 3D-VCR

Simulation 1997 Windows Dosbox 21st Century Pinball

Cool premise but physics and animations disappoint...

Pinball 3D-VCR wins points for presentation. This is a pinball game that wants you to feel there, so the tables look like real life pinball tables, they are also pretty realistically designed, with no elements that feel out of place. A small but cool touch, Pinball 3D-VCR puts pinball in your home literally, by actually painting the tables in your house, next to a wall socket, which makes this product really stand tall. All things considered, presentation wise, Pinball 3D-VCR is a winner. The problems start when you actually start playing with it; the physics are abhorrent and the animation is not cursive, so much jaggedly it is to the point where you just can't approximate where the ball is going to end up. Also, the pseudo 3D soon loses its charm, when you find out that the ball is poorly animated, being bulkier when close to the flippers and smaller away from you, though it doesn't seem to take into account the mathematics of distance and perspective in accordance to the way the table uses the perspective shift to simulate distance. Put simply, the game is off mechanics wise; of its own drawing, of physics, of all sort of these little things that should be taken for granted in a pinball game. So, no, unfortunately it's not a fun game to play, in spite of the efforts put into presentation. Much better is 3D Ultra Pinball, which gets the basics right and also packs quite a few original ideas of its own.

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