3D Pinball Express

Simulation 1999 Windows Webfoot Technologies Pinball

Classic game from the Pinball series

This game is all about the famous Pinball series which is still liked in this modern era. The series has seen some good games involving ball physics and some good 3D graphics and this one is quite close to all them. There is a good array of options in terms of both the gameplay and the features. Four table themes have been incorporated in which the view can be adjusted and also features different table layouts. The table view which is in 3D can be selected as non-scrolling or scrolling and the game can be run on full screen or on desktop window with an option to use high resolution or low resolution. So it's quite evident that the game has a lot in terms of the attractive graphics and the variety of view options. Coming towards the controls, the game is equally swift when played with both the joystick and the keyboard and there are 3 to 5 balls for every play. The top five scores in this game will be automatically saved and the music they have given is alluring enough. In terms of the ball flipping and dynamics, the gameplay is an average but still fascinates the users into playing the game. It's not better than 3D Ultra Pinball but still has a lot of metal.

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