Dream Pinball 3D

Simulation 2006 Windows Dosbox TopWare Interactive Pinball Action Casual Arcade game genre Arcade Other


Dream Pinball 3D is a simulation arcade game developed by TopWare, an award-winning company best known for the revolutionary advanced technology used in productions. There are six thematic tables, each with their own design and audio sounds that increase the suspense, fun and help you get into the atmosphere. These tables include the medieval table (has running water sounds, tweeting, neighing); the monsters table (it has creepy sounds, howling, screaming); the dinosaurs table (nature sounds). The many angles available make the game harder, but at least you have many options to choose from. While playing, I felt that the ball was too slow, but the realistic graphics and the dynamic camera swings compensated this inconvenience. The latest technology offers multi camera positions, lighting and blur effects. Your objective consists in achieving as many points as possible. You have to hit the bumpers at the right time for high scores. Beside the six different tables available for playing, the new technology also comes with six different balls, each made of a particular material. The pinball fanatics will probably choose another games instead of this imitation, but try it and see for yourself if I am wrong.

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