Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Digital Extremes Pinball

A fantastic pinball game

I am a very big pinball game lover and I thoroughly enjoyed this game. While still a bit old school and with a little slower response rate than some of the newer pinball games (like Psycho Pinball or Pinball Illusions), it's still pretty fun and addictive. There are four tables to choose from, each with their own special layout and theme, and since I am a fantasy fan, the fantasy table is my personal favorite. And the looks of the table are pretty cool and awesome. Very hardcore. The realism is pretty good and authentic when compared to the real table pinball games, although a tiny bit slower than usual. You can play the game alone or along with a friend, 4 in total, and you play the game exchanging turns. The graphics are pretty awesome and I love the table design, since the game is all about cool, otherwordly stuff (the other tables are Blood, Snooker Champ and Odyssey). The audio is also pretty awesome and completely appropriate to the game. I've played a lot of pinball games and this is one of my all time favorites. Highly recommended!

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