Planet Football

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Quirky AI, poor graphics, barely playable

It's a shame that this game hadn't received a bit more polish form the developers. Because, if you take a closer look at it, you'll realize just how interesting the take on action soccer game it offers is. You see the action from very up close, generally just a few in game meters away from where the action is. This means that you can get pretty close to the action and get inside it, in a very particular way. It feels as if it's Wolfenstein with a ball and two teams! However, the lack of precision in the controls, the lack of an AI that plays smartly and the lack of overall polish just takes you out of it. It's a game that is barely playable, doesn't offer you any challenge, heck, it barely works at all. So, unfortunately, even if you appreciate the novelty of it all, it's a bit of a weird kind of game, which doesn't really stand the test of playability and thus is easily forgotten. Nope, it's still the season of FIFA, although this game offered a different perspective. Too bad it didn't see it to full fruition, unfortunately.

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