Football Limited

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Detailed but underwhelming soccer manager

The game feels as if someone went on to create a football manager simulation, thinking that the external details and the entire list of options will make the player oblivious to the fact that it is the player interactions and their impact on the game that keep them engaged. At the surface level you have all the amenities of soccer management simulation presented to you, and rather very well, with cool backgrounds and with rather nice undertones. However, try as you might, you are not going to get that feeling that your options in the game make any long term difference. It is as if the game is managed by a single digit parameter, and that with all the tools at your disposal, the only difference is that parameter being higher or lower than the computer AI's one. It thus makes little difference what decision you make, because something that you thought would have a positive repercussion, will turn out to have the exactly opposite one. So, in the end Bundesliga Manager Hattrick is a wasted opportunity, because it's infrastructure of options, very well wrapped and very nice graphically could have been used on another, more serious game, one that would actually make you play it

A highly underated football management game

This game is a unique and underrated football game which deserves a lot more. It takes you back to the memories of the football classic Premier Manager 3 and has a true feel and essence that is needed in soccer management game. This management game gives you some very good options where you do not have to think much and can even go on to postpone a match subject to some scenario. The great variety of other options here are training camps, study of statistics, investment statistics, injury boosters, power boosters and many other option which are not normally found in all the soccer management games. The other features that it gives you for being a good manager is a pool and betting feature, youth development and training, high score table for manager, match presentation options. It is a classic Dos games which gives you the option to use popup windows. They have not really made it into a serious management game and have tried to keep the fun element intact and that is one of big plus it has. It can be easily run on some of your older machines which you have kept in your cupboard for ages. So just go for it.

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