Pools of Darkness

RPG 1991 Dos Dosbox SSI First person Dungeons and Dragons

Serious Dungeons and Dragons RPG

Built in the famed Golden Box engine, Pools of Darkness is a good RPG though it has its fair share of similitude with the rest of the average games built on that particular engine. However, the advantage of picking this one from all the Golden Box RPGs is in the length of the series. There are 4 distinct RPGs in this series, so if you will fall in love with the Faerun set story, there will be many more adventures waiting for you. In terms of gameplay you have the regular Golden Box set of controls, the first person screens in which you try to find your way and your party of up to 6 members. You will need to strike the best balance of offensive and defensive NPCs in your party and solve the quests through fights or through character interactions – talking your way out of troubles. The main quest of this first game in the series is to restore the land of Faerun to order, as a certain Lord Bane has created chaos in his attempt to take over. While following a recipe, the game is however well crafted and it's still playable. Give it a try if you love the Golden Box engine for RPGs, otherwise, trying Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights will prove a much more enticing experience.

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