Tower of Darkness

RPG 2001 Windows Proudfoot Games Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

A cool, modern interpretation of roguelike gameplay

Tower of Darkness is a modern rogue like game, released at the beginning of the 2000s. It shines in terms of the way it is produced, graphically, gameplay wise, and it's also impressive in terms of how it treats the staple of rogue like gameplay. What that means is that in Tower of Darkness you get a whole lot of enemies, spawned randomly, as you get a whole lot of levels, also produced with a hefty dose of random, and yet the game has a few et pieces that were coded as such, not spawned randomly at the begging of a session. It's a fun mix either way. Gameplay is dominated by action, and as in a classic action RPG your goal is to try and find the right path, avoiding the heavier foes, getting the best equipment you can get your hands on early on, and also, all in all, it's a huge game; it's got plenty of spells, loads upon loads of classic weaponry, and many artifacts. Replayability is as high as you can expect, and, with nice easy controls, that are immediate, fun is guaranteed. Similarly download Natuk, another game with a similar recipe, where randomized events and items spawn are the gist of the game too.

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