Blade of Darkness

RPG 2001 Windows Codemasters Dungeons and Dragons 3D action adventure

Hard game with a big potential

Blade of Darkness is an action adventure game released in 2001 by Codemasters, an award winning company and videogame developer, mostly popular for its Formula One. The story is interesting and implies Light and Darkness, used by the Lord to share Chaos. A hero was chosen by a witch named Ianna to handle the Sacred Sword, in order to defeat the Evil. Unfortunately, the hero was killed, and the dark creatures are coming again to life, to bring destruction and terror. Now it's time for a new hero to destroy the Darkness. You will play as four characters, each having their own battle skills and attributes. This game differs from another adventure games by the lighting effects, the beautifully realistic graphics, the pleasant and well-proportioned environment, and by the awesome sounds and music. Let's not forget about the gore, which adds some flavor to the action. The hard battles that require fast reflexes and abilities will give you hassle, but not in an extremely annoying way, it's just that you have to struggle a bit. The fights are based on locking the villains, by using the shield, and perform several attacks that aren't different from other games of the genre. Just pay attention when the enemies are attacking you in small places, because you have to go to great efforts in order to survive. But once you'll get used to the controls, everything will work just fine, especially when you have the option to save whenever you want. So, the high difficulty is compensated with this fact. Try this game with a big potential, that offers a pleasant surprise for fans of the genre!

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