Snoopy Game Club

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Accolade Education Cartoon

Patterns and alphabet recognition for preschoolers

Snoopy Game Club is a cute but actually very useful edutainment bundle, whose main goal is to teach your kids how to recognize patterns, so as to allow them to acquire the letters of the alphabet. It's a well paced game, simple, with a well designed set of exercises and puzzles and always fun enough. You can play any of the three minigames in any order you want, but, the pattern recognition games are the ones you should start with at first, because they will teach your kid how to look at objects and spot their differences. So, afterwards, letters of the alphabet won't no longer be as difficult to learn and to recognize. Graphically the game is made of static 2D stills with clear texts, and shapes and so, it can be used as a genuine tool for your child's development. At any rate, Snoopy Game Club is fun, which is the make or break of any edutainment. Also, it is very focused on pattern recognition, which is why it will generate the right kind of results, in teaching (or helping to remember) letters and numbers. In my book is on the same pedestal as Super Solvers which, believe you me, is saying a lot! Have it around, it plays great in DosBox.

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