Prince of Destruction

RPG 1995 Windows BadgerCom Top down Fantasy

Standard fantasy RPG

This is a little known fantasy RPG inspired by the likes of Zelda that while not exactly brimming with originality, remains an enjoyable adventure for fans of obscure games or Baldur's Gate and its ilk. The game relies on that traditional fantasy story cliche of a powerful and evil ruler who terrorises the land with his wicked ways, but who must be put down by the player so that peace can be restored. Things don't get off to a particularly imaginative start and continue in the same fashion, with players then choosing from four characters of fairly standard classes (warrior, archer etc), all of whom can be customised to suit your preferences, but which is fairly limited compared to other games. After this, it's on to the game proper, which involves the usual exploring, slaying monsters and interacting with NPCs. Prince of Destruction allows players to use a limited set of commands to query these characters and learn about quests and background detail. Combat itself is actually rather difficult, especially given its fast-paced real-time nature, but the rewards are high, with potions, gold and other such treasures being given up by monsters after they die. Visually, Prince of Destruction is nothing spectacular, with sprites that are a little small and which are lacking in detail and personality but overall this isn't a bad little RPG for true fans of the genre. It is challenging at the start, which may put off newcomers, but once you start levelling up, the frustration factor drops a bit and the entertainment value increases. Prince of Destruction is certainly no classic, but for a small-scale slice of fantasy adventuring, it makes for an interesting curio, albeit one lacking in complexity and depth.

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