RPG 1992 Dos Dosbox Imagitec Design Top down Fantasy Action Adventure

Little known fantasy RPG gem

Fantasy fans looking for an in-depth and compelling RPG would be well advised to investigate Daemonsgate, as it offers an exciting and complex experience with most of the features expected in this genre. While the story is somewhat unoriginal and straightforward, revolving as it does around a demonic invasion which the player must prevent, it is certainly engaging enough, as the quests and challenges to be faced are well-designed and distinctive. A big plus point for the game is its scale and scope, with a thoroughly realised world that is populated by hundreds of NPCs, most of whom can be interacted with to some depth. Other strong aspects are the combat and magic systems which are intuitive but which offer great depth and are simply fun to make use of. Battles are conducted in real-time and you can choose to handle them yourself or let the computer take over, with options for giving orders to your party to help sway the fight in your favour. Magic too is interesting and complex and there is a near perfect blend between it and combat which adds more to the game's appeal. Gameplay is viewed via top-down perspective and while graphics are understandably dated, they still serve their purpose and are perfectly adequate if unspectacular. There are issues with the interface which is overly fiddly, but apart from this, Daemonsgate offers a thrilling, deep and intelligent RPG experience, perfect for followers of Baldur's Gate.

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