RPG 1996 Dos Dosbox Top down Fantasy

Rpg that gives a lot of vareity

It's a classic RPG game which brings about a lot of depth and variety in terms of the gameplay that it has. It induces to a large amount of huge worlds which are filled with hundreds and hundreds of distinct creatures, secret items and people. From an adventure point of view, it gives you a great variety in terms of the surprises that appear at every level and the exciting gameplay. You can make your characters go from one giant world to another and every adventure that you take can contain about 256 characters or even more. A level editor has also been formulated in the game to allow you to create a variety of your own levels so that you get a gameplay that is customized to your liking. There are about 30 classes of characters, 9 races among them and you will have learn magical spells that are about 67 in number. So it's a very diverse top down game where you will always get something new every time you are on it. The graphics are also as good as the gameplay because they support a wide range of colors and the music is also fine-tuned and unique. The game meets and exceeds the likes of TaskMaker.

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