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Wizard, thief or assassin?

One of the earliest ventures of the great publishing company Sierra, Sorcerian is a very good anime-style roleplaying game with a fantasy theme. Knowing all this and being a huge fan of the very similar FF RPG series, I was immediately interested. I wouldn't consider this a real RPG, since it has a very light feel to it, but it still has a very interesting side-scrolling gameplay, lots of various monsters and spells and, of course, the typical yet fantastic classes and races categorization (I am an elf, of course!). What makes this game really cool is the vast freedom of choice you have; for instance, if you are choosing a class, you can pick among over 60 different occupations of your character that range from a clown to an exorcist. Of course, each classification has its own weaknesses and bonuses. This makes the replay value of the game a lot higher since you'll be greatly motivated to try the game from different angles. As expected from Sierra, the graphics are very colorful and detailed which really makes the game even more enjoyable. If you are interested in an RPG that is not as serious as the rest and with much less blood and gore, you've found yourself a great game.

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