Ancient Land of Ys

RPG 1987 Dos Dosbox Nihon Fantasy Anime

A competent if not too diverse Zelda like

I loved the first few minutes of Ancient Land of Ys, but then, in spite of the very Zelda like environments and gameplay style, it dawned on me: this game uses only one idea and it just keeps shoving it down your throat. The issue is that, for a game to be a well enticing Zelda styled top downer, you have to have some diversity in the environments; there have to be at least a couple of puzzle/quest types and, if possible, a modicum of story. Well, Ancient Land of Ys only seems to copy the very basic elements of a competent Zelda style game, leaving the rest out. And, while a gamer that hasn't played a lot of Zelda might find it alright, for one that has, and has been kind of spoiled by the polish of that one, this game here will just feel empty a bit too soon. So, yeah, a game that might steal you for a few minutes, until you realize that there isn't a lot going on in the world after about, say, half an hour. Which is just a shame, really, given that the graphics, at least, look pretty cool, for those looking for that retro vibe.

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