Puzzle 1991 Dos Loriciels Brainteaser

Very difficult

Warning - this game is only for the fiercest of puzzle players! It will make your brain hurt, it will make you cry and grind your teeth in frustration.. and it will make you have a great time, if you let it. I mention this because the game has taken simple rules of Tetris and Origamo and made it a lot more complex than both. As in Tetris, you have to put blocks in an logical order to make them disappear, and have to think fast before the blocks pile up, but then there is the top down perspective and layers and layers of blocks which you can't see, and holes and other obstacles that make the game all the harder.. It really makes your brain literally hurt. I stayed away from the game after a few tries because it was a bit too much for me but hopefully somebody with better brains will do better than me. The graphics are very nice and colorful, and the design is truly unique and beautiful. If you like puzzle games that will frustrate you as much as entertain you, and if you're up for a big challenge, it's time to try this game out. If not, go play something simpler.

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