Quake 3: Arena

Action 1999 Windows Activision Shooter

An exciting chaos

Quake III Arena is a 1999 first-person shooting game similar to Unreal Tournament, and also the third of the Quake series. Its publisher, Activision, is a company with a high reputation due to its outstanding activity and its innovative vision. From my personal view, this game is dynamic, very fun to play, the levels are interesting to look at, the guns are very powerful, their design is nicely done and they have a high potential. The effects look realistic, the graphics engine is one of the greatest, and the feeling when you kill someone is awesome, because you need accuracy to shoot the fast enemies. The good part is that you don't have to shoot the same creatures over and over again, so the gameplay is not repetitive. There isn't a plot, your primary objective is just running and killing with your advanced weapons, in a total chaos, but an exciting one. The multiplayer mode of this game doesn't get old, and you will probably play it even nowadays, whenever you need a serious amount of adrenaline. The single player is entertaining, indeed, but it doesn't compare with the multiplayer. The arena where the battles take place is full of items like health kits and weapons that can be gathered by taking down enemies or finding them as you explore. All in all, Quake III Arena is worth your attention.

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