Action 1998 Windows Shooter

Not quite Doom 2 but this shooter still holds its own

Who would think that a game called RPS could be a PFS? That's right, the game RPS is a Doom-like shooter, but, what it offers is a much better looking graphics interface that will remind you more of the Unreal engine. So, you will set out on a single player campaign that will see you through gradually escalating difficulty levels, trying to best an increasingly difficult level of enemies and bosses. The game has a bit of a backstory, though you won't really care much for it. Instead you will be more intrigued by the fact that many of the levels seem almost 1to1 copies of other levels you might be familiar with if you've played Unreal and Quake back in the day.In the same kind of line as these shooters, you will gradually gain access to more powerful weapons and face enemies that appear designed to offer you a target practicing experience. That's right, don't expect any revelations from the AI - it's more a question of numbers, rather than strategy here. So, if you aren't too scared of getting lost in intricate though graphically quite bland sceneries, RPS will offer you a so-so shooting gallery and the toys of the trade with maybe a few surprising elements if you make it to the later, more challenging levels.

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