Neverwinter Nights

RPG 1991 Dos SSI Top down Fantasy

The first MMO game of the DOS era

The unfortunate thing about the precursor of the Neverwinter Nights games is the fact that it is no longer playable. The even more unfortunate thing is that the game would have been interesting to take a look at, since it is the first MMO in history to offer a fully functional graphics based type of multiplayer game. It is the game that marked a change from MUDs (multi-user dungeon games) to the mechanics that are still present in current MMOs. So, until some avid fan will create a server side to the game, we can only muse on what this game offered at the time. The first signs of modern MMO gameplay were there from the seed: you could choose your avatar and then once you were done customizing, you were deployed in an area, area which was graphically available to you. You were informed of the events in your vicinity, you were able to interact with other players and even engage in commerce. One goal of the game was to see your character rise. The game had a ladder, a ranking system which showcased who was the best player on a particular server. Thus, along with quests, you were also driven by the need to show yourself and your server mates, that you were better than them. And, remember, this was in an era when achievements were not something common. Another cool tidbit to remember about this game is that it was built on the Gold Box engine which was used in games such as Pool of Radiance and other Dungeon & Dragons classics. So, until the game will be brought back by a passionate server wielding enthusiasts, you can still bask in the many war stories of the passionate players and in the occasional videos that can still be found in relative abundance featuring the game.

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