Rebel Decade Chess

Simulation 2000 Windows Schröder BV Chess

Looks like chess on a PC should look like!

Digitizations of chess have been seen taking lots of different roads, some have been interested in advancing the graphics barrier, taking the experience to places where a real world chess set could never go. And by that I mean endowing the chess pieces with animations and looks that are definitely outside the normal realm of chess gaming. Other games have tried to give chess a twist, by changing up the rules or by including modes that allow you to play in real time or in some other fashion. At any rate, with Rebel Decade Chess you get a game of chess that looks simple, clean, almost depersonalized, so as to allow you to sink into the actual experience of playing the game rather than take the edge off. I love it, it is lacking anything that could encumber, and it has some tables that are really beautiful in a really simple way. Thus, along with Chessmaster games of the era I'd pin Rebel Decade Chess close by, as it has the depth in the AI to create some really interesting games, and it also has all the necessary extras, from chess tables to chess pieces to tutorials and all that. But, above all, it just looks like PC chess, unadulterated, which is really its strong point.

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