Rebel Moon Rising

Action 1997 Windows Dosbox GT Interactive Shooter Science Fiction

Fight for the Moon!

Rebel Moon Rising is a first person shooter game that is more like Duke Nukem and less like Unreal Tournament in terms of graphics and gameplay. The game is set on the moon, in a war between the Lunar Alliance and the United Forces, in which the Lunar inhabitants rebel and fight for their independence. You are a part of the Lunar crew and there is a special plot twist when an alien race is discovered. You play the game from the first person perspective and are in the beginning armed with a simple gun, but soon you will find other cool designed and powerful weapons. The game looks and plays a bit like Duke Nukem, but without the interface below. Even the alien shrieks remind me of those in Duke. The visuals overall are very good with much detail and the movement is smooth and dynamic, which is crucial for a FPS game. It's very nice and fun, with lots of action excitement and I definitely recommend it to all FPS fans.

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