Action 1998 Windows Mad Genius Shooter Science Fiction

The future belongs to the mechs!

Gunmetal was a really awesome mech fighting game with the twists that these could turn into flying ships, and thus, most of the time you would be in the sky, trying to complete the missions you were given. In terms of looks, it was more of a budget type game, with alright graphics but pretty simple geometry and design of the maps. But, then again, because the game played mostly in exterior spaces, that was all that you could ask of it. I also remember playing the game on a GeForce FX 5200, a relatively decent graphics card, and the game kind of got hung or would slow down to almost unplayable frame rates when the action would become a bit more crowded. But, it sure was entertaining. Another thing I remember about the game was that it was a bit too poised on guard missions: it asked you to protect two or more objectives, while a lot of flying and ground units would come, and thus, you kind of always had to hurry from one place to another, and try to do as much mayhem as possible, in the shortest amount of time. These missions could become quite aggravating at times because you'd be almost towards the end of the mission, almost with a depleted health bar, and this puny unit would get you, out of nowhere, which meant that you had to reload! But, it sure was a surprising game for me, one that I was kind of hooked to due to its original combination of shooter and flight bits with mechs. The alternative? Mech Warrior 3, for proper mech combat.

Robots - gun and metal

Gunmetal is a first-person shooter developed and published by Mad Genius Software. The game wanted to be different of others in that time by mostly centering the gameplay around a walking mech, which wasn't been done in this fashion. However, the gameplay itself is similar to games like Quake: you get teleported to your mission field, complete objectives, find hidden rooms(which is optional) and get back to the same portal you came through. After completing each mission, you're given a statistics screen with how many enemies you've killed, how many secrets have been discovered and how long it took you to complete the game. The controls at default are a bit too sensitive, for one touch of a movement button will send you miles away. Same thing goes to the mouse controls. Once you got that thing solved, the game is very much fun. The 3D graphics were amazingly done and the sound effect are great.

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