Vinyl Goddess from Mars

Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Union Logic Myth and legend Platformer

A faster and sleeker Jill of the Jungle!

In Vinyl Goddess from Mars all you have to do is get from point a to point b, while on the way being assaulted by enemies, by keys (!) and by other collectibles. Yep, if you've played Jill of the Jungle before you will feel right at home. The game not only plays like that oldie sidescroller platformer but it also looks similar, while the poses of the female character when jumping, sitting or just walking about are similar. The levels are also similar, tile bit less pixilated than with the Jill games. But they also have a bit more depth in that they are more evocative, as they are helped by background images that create a very faux 16 bit feel for the game. Also, the game has that shareware feel about it, I'd think deliberately so, rather than being a side effect of fast production times. So, all things considered, if you loved Xargon or Jill, this game will fit right in there, a little less pixilated but still holding tight to that early 90s shareware platformer vibe. I only wished the game wasn't as hard, at least later on, but that might just be me losing my edge, so don't let that keep you from downloading it.

A cute girl and a godess.. Can this be true?

This time we have a cute girl as the heroine goddess in this cool and fun platform game that is ful of action packed fun. You are Vinyl, a goddess from Mars, on your way to some very (un)important matters, but your ship breaks down and you are stuck on a hostile planet and the only way home is through hard terrains and long levels. Our goddess can jump, shoot, run, duck and is very agile. The scrolling is extremely smooth and the animation fantastic (much like in the epic side scroller Jazz Jackrabbit). Vynil herself is very hot, even on a small scale. Clad in red leather in combination with her fiery red hair, she will rouse your imagination while you're finding your way home to your familiar home. The game is very fun and addictive and certainly a lot of fun. While the game brings nothing special or new to the world of platform gaming, it's still a nice way to spend an afternoon. All hail the goddess of Mars!

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