MTV's Remote Control

Puzzle 1989 Dos Dosbox MTV Networks Game show

Trivia game from the MTV prime era!

If you feel like taking a trip in the world of the TV centric world of the late 80s, this game here, a trivia with questions based on the TV environment of the late 80s can be the best way to take a trip back into that time slot! You compete against up to 2 other contestants, and they can be both AI or played by real players, in hot seat mode. If you've been a teenager in the 80s, this game is for you, otherwise a lot of the trivia questions will not make sense to you. They all revolve around your pop culture know-how of that era, and if you're familiar with the TV listings of that period, aired in US and in certain parts of Europe, than you're in luck! Thus, MTV's Remote Control can keep you occupied and for a time invested, even in spite of lacking graphics and not that great a presentation. Also, you have to be fast, as you need to press the in-game remote control to deliver your answer, and somebody different might take do it first! Similarly, download Jeopardy! 3rd Edition, for a more general purpose set of questions though a tad American-centric!

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