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Underwhelming space strategy

Reunion, also known as Merit's Galactic Reunion is a mixed bag of 4X game mechanics and tropes that don't coalesce to create a fulfilling experience. There is diversity, at least at a surface level, but at closer inspection, the Jaanosians, Kalls, Morguls, Morguls, Erans, Druedians, Earthlings and many other races all are controlled (except of course the PC units) by the same AI which greatly diminishes the sense of accomplishment when you win. Furthermore, the game is too undecided in terms of how certain actions should be attempted and while offering you choices, all of them feel like software hacks, as they are not implemented in a good, straight fashion. I can't really see whom might interest this game, since there are better games of the era that handle the same kind of mechanics and setting much better. I would thus advise you play any of the Master of Orion games, as these really take the game a big leap forward in playability and overall enjoyability of the experience. The best feature of the game is the graphics, but what good can they bring when the game is so flawed and hard to get into a grove with, not to mention the unfortunately predictable AI. My opinion is you should pass this one, it's not worth the trouble, really.

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