Riddle of The Sphinx

Adventure 1999 Windows Dreamcatcher Interactive Mystery

Classic later epoque adventure, set in Egypt

Some of the older Sierra and Lucas Arts adventure games have been so-so for me, but, starting with the later 90s and continuing to the 2000s, I can genuinely say that most of the adventures of this period I liked. So is Riddle of The Sphinx, a modern adventure game, not too polished story wise, not too original, but palpably playable and overall a lot of fun. You are an explorer, looking to uncover the secrets of the Sphinx, and let me tell you, there are quite a lot of them! Only that they are protected by all sort of traps, which, in order to move on, you need to solve. And, thus, you will find that the meat of the game, the puzzles, are quite well produced, very well delivered, and have a lot of great things about them. More than anything Riddle of The Sphinx has beautiful graphics, very atmospheric. That is mostly so because the caves and the corridors of the Sphinx and of the other places you will visit are lighted so beautifully. Plus, there are puzzles that are based on deciphering the writings of the Egyptians of yore, which, while pretty hard, are also very satisfying. So, Riddle of The Sphinx is definitely a great contender of the great adventures of the late 90s/begging of the 2000s. Play it, it will certainly not disappoint. And, a good alternative can be Byzantine: The Betrayal, another great (if almost unknown at large) adventure of the late 90s.

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