Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy

Adventure 1998 Windows Microprose Third Person Mystery

Astonishing, with puzzles that make sense

Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy is a 1998 mystery adventure game set in a futuristic world. You play as an investigator named Joshua Reev, that has to unravel a conspiracy that threatens the humanity, where some terrorists are involved. I loved the animations and the puzzles that have a perfect level of difficulty and that really make sense. Blade Runner is the game to which Nightlong resembles very much. The point and click interface allows you to explore, to interact with objects and people, to collect items and to use your inventory. When you click on an object, a description of it will appear on the screen. Some comments of Jushua's will definitely make you laugh, because of his delightful sense of humour. The environment is based on very detailed graphics, and this fact proves the attention and care of the producers. Right from the beginning you will be attracted ,and the complexity of the gameplay makes this game even more enjoyable. The voice acting is good, the characters are well-integrated and build in a suitable manner with their roles, and the atmosphere is astonishing, giving a particular feeling that won't let you pause the game. If you are an adventurer and also a fan of this genre, you will not regret spending your money and time on Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy!

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