Peter Pan

Action 1993 Dos Electronic Arts Cartoon Platformer

Great story telling adventure game for kids

It is a platform game in the form of a storybook which has been designed for kids that age between 4 to 10 years. The story telling in the game is what is most fascinating about it as the story telling is made in a variety of unique ways. The mission with peter pan is that he needs to rescue his friends that have been abducted by captain hook who is after the map that Pete Pan has. The story in the game opens in the form of an open paint boxes which has been designed width a lot of attractive colors. Sometimes the game will run simply with the story and sometimes Peter Pan will ask you to help him through some hurdle. As the game is for little children, the controls and the UI are very easy to understand and allow them to get a grip on it easily. You have also been given some very good paint tools for animations and to make the scenarios more colorful. This is one story that children after going through won't forget their entire life because the manner is very impacting. The graphics in the game are also great and so is the gameplay. If you do not like children adventure as you are grown up, try Zool as it has the zeal to give you the touch of adventure.

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