DJ Puffs Voltcantic Capers

Action 1992 Dos Codemasters Cartoon Platformer

The dragon Puff is surely a badass!

DJ Puff is a pretty cool game, based on the idea of taking your sidescrolling little dragon from left to right, taking out all the baddies and, when faced with a puzzle, dealing with it. Graphically DJ Puff looks like an NES game from the heyday of the era; so, don't expect much diversity; the background is a washed out blue, and the platforms are made of used and reused bricks; but that does little to take away from the fun that the game brings. There are also secret passages as in Super Mario games, and there are also disks to collect, the coins in this game. Basically you want to go as fast as possible in the game and collect everything at the same time to get the highest score, but you also have to guard against bumping into enemies or falling into the void. So, definitely, DJ Puff is worth playing if you liked Kid Icarus or some other NES era sidescroller games, with that Super Mario the first kind of graphics. And, as a cool plus, if you like playing faster moving games, you can increase the speed at which the game plays from the menu, which is pretty neat for a game so old.

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