Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Bitmap Brothers Vertical shooter

Early but original vertical shooter

There's not much different that you can do to put your mark on a vertical shooter. However, early games did not really get bound to all the preconceptions that vertical shooters that came later one were putting on themselves. That is why this game here is actually more original than many more games that came after it. So, what does it do, so different, you'll ask! Well, for once, you can steer your fire left or right from a stand still position, a simple mechanical addition that makes the game much more diverse. Thus, while later game had to come up with fire patters that had to shoot let and right or at an angle, here you can choose the direction of the fire as you see fit. Not much you'll say, but if you play for longer periods and lose your additional fire power, it's not game over; you can still make it through the more difficult levels. Other than that this is a clean, light experience, great if you're sick of very agglomerated shooters of this kind. If, however, that is exactly what you're looking for, busy vertical shooting, see Dragon Spirit, which is original as well, as it uses a medieval setting for the shooting (you're a dragon in this one!).

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