Road to India: Between Hell and Nirvana

Adventure 2001 Windows 1C Company First person Oriental

A beautiful rescue adventure in India

A well written and stylish adventure game where you will play as a boy whose Indian fiancée got kidnapped by some kali worshippers who want to use her as a human sacrifice. Your mission is to make your passage through to New Delhi and even beyond for recusing her from the evil worshippers. It features water color enhanced Graphics which really give a realistic and beautiful feel of the stunning locations that are present in India. The environments portrayed are very realistic and you also have the option to pan around your screen. The gameplay was been define in two search modes. One is the day search where you go through the modern urban India and the other search is in your dreams where you counter the magical world of old India. This division has really made this game a wonder prospect for me and combined with its beautiful graphics have really made it a treat. The puzzles are also fine though may not be logical but the thing which I did not liked is that the game is a short one. But still it's a definite treat like the game "Full Throttle" which is also a short one.

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