Adventure 2000 Windows Tivola Publishing First person

Explore a beautifully rendered Myst like; much better puzzles

If Pyst was all about the hate that Myst had managed to instill in gamers, then Bioscopia is a take on that recipe that showcases just how enthralling such games could actually be, if done intelligently and beautifully. Bioscopia is all about this mysterious lab, an abandoned, now virginal space. This enclosed space used to be a habitat that was developed by scientists but, for some reason it had gotten derelict as they had fled. Thus, nature had done its bit and now this space has gone all manner of wild. You, the player, embodying a female researcher/Indiana Jones type explorer find yourself trapped in this space, and, to make matters worse, you contract a virus that is only of this place. So, naturally, you'll both look to escape this space as well as try and find a cure. A great game, very well put together, very imaginative visually and at times just the kind of experience that will make you feel true awe! Also, the game has a bit of an edutainment side to it, which is very fortunate, but don't worry, it's not one of those annoying edutainment games, nope, it's all about discovery at your own pace. A definitive must play, for sure. Oh, and the game has a beautiful soundtrack as well, which furthermore makes it a must, must play!

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