Rocky's Boots

Puzzle 1982 Dos Dosbox The Learning Company Education Math or logic

Early but sturdy electrical circuitry sim

In Rockys Boots you are going to be presented with a multitude of scenarios, each representing a circuit. You are going to be tasked with a certain type of task, that mainly requires you to make that circuit functional or make it do something, have a certain effect. The game takes you from the simplest close the circuit so a light bulb will light to much more complex circuitry, to the point where you learn what certain electrical circuit elements do, from capacitors to relays to other such elements. It's a very simple presentation, though, black and white mostly, with lots of text and text inputs as well, but it sure works, and to be perfectly honest it is like an introduction manual in electrical circuitry with the added benefit of interactive portions. Might not be great for children, these days, but for adults that want a good starter's guide to electric and electronic circuitry it sure is an interesting, well delivered, if sparse graphically, product. So, yeah, from basics to extended logic circuitry, this one will surely offer you a great product, one that really has educational value. For a less educational, yet similar in style product, do see one of The Incredible Machine titles.

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