Rogue Trooper

Action 2006 Windows Rebellion Futuristic Role playing Shooter Tactical

A tactical shooter combining action and stealth

Rogue Trooper combines a triple of gameplay mechanics, creating a pretty diverse experience. Of course, to its credit, it doesn't impose any of these styles of play on you at all times, in fact it allows you quite a bit of freedom in regards to how you approach it. So, you've got a simple, heads on, no brains, all muscle approach shooter, you've got a tactical shooter where you coordinate attacks for your squad and then you have the option of going in stealth. Surely enough, there are some missions that will make themselves more palatable on each of these player modes, but, as I said, sometimes you've got at least two choices. Graphically this is a game to sink into, and I don't say that lightly; it looks like it's a bit on the AAA towards budget niche, so, yeah, not the most well crafted game out there, but then again, the action is almost irreproachable. Oh, and almost forgot, along with these three options of gameplay, you also get bio hacks sort of abilities, which further increase your ability to invest your character in one of these different directions. All in all, while not a Half Life dethroner (hehe!), Rogue Trooper does a more than satisfying job.

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