Puzzle 1995 Dos Ticsoft Reflex oriented Action based

A great puzzle game

Rollin is a very innovative top down puzzle game (like Chip's Challenge) that is challenging as well as addictive, and requires quick thinking and good reflexes for one to be successful. The game is very easy to understand but quite hard to master so I wish you the best of luck! The basis of the game is to guide a ball from the beginning of the level to the end of it. It's not as easy as it sounds, though - the ball follows all the laws of physics such as gravity and momentum, so don't expect it to listen to your commands as you are used to in most other games! There are also other obstacles and problems heading your way. You can also find gold which enables you to buy other items that may help you on your path. The graphics are rather simple, with few colors and the basic texturing, but the game's high replay value and fantastic addictiveness will definitely keep you going against all odds. It will trigger your mind and train your brain in spacial organization, tactical thinking and reflexes. Great fun!

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