Puzzle 1996 Dos Webfoot Technologies Reflex oriented

A very unique game

Many clones which feature the gameplay like Tetris have been made but this one is a great gem which is not much known among the gamers. The theme here is absolutely unique and has been implemented with great perfection and dynamics. What you have to do here is to direct the water into the drainpipes that appear at the bottom of your screen. The drops will appear from the screen's top while the screen is scrolling. In order to achieve your purpose, you will throw in blocks, build brides and can also use explosives to make it go through obstacles. It is basically an action puzzle game where the variety of things to do is very fun and unique. The game gets tougher and tougher with every new level and the gameplay gets hectic. You will have to make instant decisions to achieve your goal effectively and that is actually the fun and interesting element in the game. You also have to be good with your reflexes so that you can interpret the scenario to act accordingly. The level designs in the game are very good and unique and the game has a brilliant A1 which will always keep you captivated. Well it has been a baffling experience for me and you will also love it. Wrigglers is another less talked about game which is really worth of a shot.

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