Puzzle 1995 Windows Dosbox Homebrew Software Reflex oriented

Nice reflex orientated puzzle game

It is a reflex orientated and a very good puzzle game where you have to be quick in your decisions and very good with the controls. It has a somewhat similar gameplay to the one which you have seen in Pipe Dreams but the variety is very unique and exciting. Coming to the theme or the gameplay, you have a red ball which you will roll on different tracks and will set different paths with. The goal that you have is to find the way to the exit at every level so that you can play the next level. Every level in the game has different patterns and they really set your pulse rating throughout the game. Every track has different obstacles and you need to be very quick in your movements and decisions. This puzzle game has a very good A1 because despite the tough levels, it does not frustrate you as you can find a way with little diligence and quick reaction. The graphics are somewhat average but the user interface is very intuitive and interactive. The controls are the best feature here because you can easily make the ball move in any dimension in the courses at various levels.

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