Advent Rising

Adventure 2005 Windows GlyphX Games Science Fiction 3D action adventure Action Sci fi

Enter the world of Sci-Fi

Advent Rising is a great game with some great graphics, 3D design and excellent sounds. This game has a great story line. In this Sci-Fi, action, adventure game you have to play as 'Gideon Wyeth' who is a rookie space pilot. Advent Rising is developed by GlyphX Games and published by Majesco. If you played Adventure 3 out of this world then you will definitely love this game. Your mission is to save the humanity and contact with the aliens. You have to make the human race safe from "The Seekers" who destroys the human race. With this information you hate to start your journey. It is a great science fiction where you will have a lot of unique weapons. The story line of this game is great and from my point of view this is one of the best sci-fi storyline for a video game ever I played. With the interesting story the game is very thrilling also. You have to be intelligent to play this game. It's a 5 start game with some great options. I enjoyed every sec of this game and I am just waiting for the sequel of this game.

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