Legends of Murder

RPG 1989 Dos Softdisk Publishing Top down

RPG, adventure, murder mystery; a diverse game

Legends of Murder is not a very polished game, but it sure is diverse. It plays as an RPG in terms of its trappings: you have your character that levels up and that can be upgraded as you go on. However, the story and the way you progress in the world add flavor and depth beyond your typical run of the mill role player. The core story has to do with a murder, murder that you have to investigate and that will take you in a few different directions and that will ultimately prove to be something other than you'd expect. Anyway, it's worth playing, it's got really well written dialogue (with a bit of specific RPG slang, of the era, but it's alright, you can choose to disregard it!) and also, lots of puzzles, that are more pertaining to adventure gaming rather than RPG, which is actually great and fits perfectly in the world of the game. As I said, the diverse game is not too well polished, while graphically it is a bit of a letdown also, which can be a bit underwhelming when not downright a bore. So, give it a try, see how you like it. Alternatively, download Wasteland, a game that uses a similar graphics engine but is overall better polished, from every point of view.

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