School Bus Driver

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Be the local school bus driver!

I recently saw a series of job advertisements for a position that allows you to travel, that affords you lots of breaks and that is set in an office where the view is always diverse if not always spectacular. So, a combination of driving and an office job? What could that be, then? Why, of course, being a school bus driver! Well, for those of us that can't really follow up on this dream for various reasons, this top down school bus sim must be a good way to satisfy that craving. The game is a pretty old and dusty beast, offering you the magenta of EGA graphics, but if you don't find that aggravating, you can bet you will have a really nice experience with it. The thing is that the game is tilting more towards the children's game type category, but simplicity and cuteness can always be enjoyed by adults as well. So, that's pretty much it, a bit of a top down racer, a bit of a puzzler, but overall original and cute. Give it a go. Or, if you want to try being a bus driver in some other more realistically produced environment, Bus Driver can be a better choice for you. But I prefer this game here for pretend school bus driving make believe!

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