Auto Duel

Racing 1988 Dos Origin Systems City race

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A sort of role playing and driving game, like a prototypical GTA

Autoduel shows that games are a hot bed for stealing ideas, reformulation them and taking them to another level. Autoduel is a game that has all the makings of a GTA game, from the vehicles to the mission based open world interactions. All of these are presented in a top down 2D world, made up of lots visual elements that will remind of a semi futuristic city. Furthermore, the RPG element is evidenced as your skills which need to be tacked in order for you to be able to progress. These skills, driving, mechanics and marksmanship make the game into a more strategic type of deal, as you'll want to only take on the missions that are in your reach, and then only later come back to the ones that you didn't get involved with in the beginning. A nice game, ahead of its time for sure, sporting that raster graphics look, with a sort of Art deco feel to it. And so, in spite of its age, it still is playable, as is user friendly, generally has no quirks and is also a small/manageable game. Try it if you want a GTA like experience in 2D, as if GTA was ported in NES 8bit, by a team of Art Deco bedroom coders!

Simple top down action adventure with cars

Auto Duel has a very misleading name. It is not a road battle game, nor much of a racer. Instead, the game puts you in a small cartoonish city, where you are given different tasks, which can be performed by going, in your car, to the desired location. There, you will have to work within a simple graphic interface, which sports a couple of options, depending on the specific of the location. For instance, if you visit a bar, you will be able to order drinks, learn more about the courier tasks that are available, or even sell a courier task you do not feel like completing yourself. At any rate, Auto Duel seems a little too scarce and too mechanistic to be too much fun. The level of difficulty does not escalate, though later on you will get to have some really rudimentary duels with other vehicles. At any rate, I guess, if you want a very simplistic game of courier and a no thrills arcade, top down racer, this game should be able to provide you a good dose of all these elements. But, again, expect a crude, mechanistic presentation that feels more like a demo presentation than a fully fledged game.

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