Scubaman's Quest

Adventure 1996 Windows Alive Software Strategic scope

2D scuba diver inspired by Super Mario sidescroller

If you've played Super Mario Bros you'll then more than surely remember the underwater portions. Well, this game is a bit like that portion of that NES classic, only that instead of Mario you will be wielding a (relatively!) proper scuba diver, in his left to right quest, having him spike shoot some of the creatures living in there and, also, having a go at collecting points, another Mario classic idea. But, where Mario was funny and cartoonish, this one is more serious. Don't get me wrong, this title is not a simulator, but it sure feels a bit more geared towards making your left to right ride feel like an underwater exploration. You are met by lots of sea creatures inspired by real life, whales, vegetation, fish, etc. The graphics look alright, rather on the pseudo realistic side. However, the game gets a bit too hard too soon, and is by no means well polished. The most aggravating thing about it is that you get only one chance; touch a big fish or a whale and you are dead. And these animals don't have some pattern to learn, at times they clog the screen with enemies to the point where you really have nowhere else to go. So yeah, a hard, not too well done game, but a sort of fun game because of the risk it entails, granted, if you can stomach its randomness.

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