Big Bug Bang

Adventure 1996 Windows Microfolie's Science Fiction Action based Strategic scope

Adventure and strategy; God game like also

This is a game that strides to retell the very first moments of life and how it evolved, a very well done precursor to the game Spore. You are a God like creature, a mighty interesting and cool one, but a creature that, because it was the first to emerge to lie after the Big Bang, it takes it upon itself to guide the advances of other species evolution. Naturally, Big Bug Bang puts you in the shoes of this creature and thus, you are now endowed with guiding and making sure that life will continue to flourish. You start the game with a simple amoeba like creature, but it will soon evolve, and it will take it upon itself to evolve. Unfortunately, the stages of evolution are not as clearly delineated and built in this game, so for all intents and purposes, you get pre produced stages of evolution. But, as Spore will do a bit more organically, with Big Bug Bang you also move from the planetary state, to interplanetary stage and galaxy colonization pretty soon enough! So, a great game, from this point of view, but also a game that won't offer you as much freedom as you'd want from a God game. Download it together with Populous, for another, this time very old sim with a God like theme to it.

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