Space Empires IV

Strategy 2000 Windows Shrapnel Games Empire management Science Fiction

If you want an exceptional space strategy game

The Space Empires series came out with the fourth space strategy game, having the same purpose like its prequel: to explore and engage in fights to conquer the galaxy! All the Space Empires games constituted excellent achievements, and this space odyssey from the third millenium gives as good as it gets. I recommend this turn-based "4X" S/F for all those that want to exterminate the competition, to obtain galactic dominance and to have a great time, of course! The tactics and strategy experts will definitely love it. The graphics look very good, representing the finest work of art, the interface is user-friendly, and the level of detail is prominent. In order to build modern facilities and ships, you will have at your disposal scientific means, high technology, economical resources, a great army, and diplomacy. The main screen shows the entire action and a map where you can see the entire universe, the solar system and all the units, colonies, fleet of ships located there. I give you an advice: before throwing yourself into the massive combats and action, prepare with the tutorial that will teach you the basic information and activities! If you want an exceptional space strategy game, try Space Empires 4!

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