Eye of the Beholder 3

RPG 1993 Dos Dosbox SSI Fantasy First person

Deal with the lich! The last in the series

Assault on Myth Drannor, as Eye of the Beholder 3 is aptly subtitled is the RPG that concludes the series. It's a very well produced game, overall, with a first person interface, in that Golden Box first person canon, yet with a lot more detail than other games. What will surprise you is the art direction, which is very satisfying, very beautiful; the areas in which you will be moving about are very beautiful, very well drawn, offering you an undeniable feeling of being there, and a fantasy feel that still holds its freshness, even today, after more than 20 years of the game's release. What might be a little underwhelming though, is the lesser quality story which, truth be told, is no longer at the same heights as it was in the second title or, for that matter, in the original Eye of the Beholder. But nonetheless, this third game concludes the series relatively well, and leaves little threads unexplored. It will definitely be loved by Golden Box RPG lovers, and even for less enthusiastic ones, I'm sure Eye of the Beholder 3 will prove a cool, beautiful graphically, game.

A disappointment

This game is the third and last installment of the Eye of the Beholder trilogy and unfortunately the worst of them. Sure, there are some new additions that were very welcome and useful, like the option for the player to meet other characters and add up to two of them to their party. The puzzles are not interesting and too easy. It seems like the game was in a hurry to finish and like the developers made a really sloppy job at it. The graphics are good and detailed and there is no music to mention, while the sound effect are basic and average. If the game were better, the series as a whole would seem like a great job. With this game, the players are left less than satisfied.

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